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what is mindfulness 

(and why does it matter?)

Great question! Definitions on mindfulness can be hard to pin down, in large part because there are a lot of varying opinions on what  exactly it means and how best to practice it. But it's helpful to have a framework to start with, so here's a quick definition you can try on for size: Mindfulness is all about intentionally paying attention to our present moment experiences, with an attitude of openness and non-judgement. Plugging into the present moment in this manner helps build our concentration and focus, and allows us to relate to the world and our experiences in an entirely new way. This new way of relating gifts us the freedom to choose how we respond to challenges we face, so that we can do so with more wisdom, peace and kindness.

Mindfulness may not sound terribly complicated at first, but the unfortunate reality is that it can be very difficult in our modern world full of distractions and stressors. We are so used to multi-tasking and planning ahead and worrying about the past/future that we're rarely present in the here and now, and as science is starting to point out this is extremely unhealthy both mentally, emotionally AND physically. The good news is that we are all born with the ability to be mindful, though without training our mindfulness is often weak and fleeting if it shows up at all. Fortunately, like any ability (walking, reading, riding a bike, etc.) mindfulness can be learned and improved upon with practice.

My name is Logan Marks and I was once a skeptic of mindfulness, meditation and all things labeled "spiritual". So I get it if you harbor some skepticism. I don't think that anyone should tell you what you HAVE to believe, even with the backing of science.The only way to truly know whether something works is to try it out for ourselves, which is why I simply ask that you give mindfulness a try. It's brought positive change to my life and millions of others, perhaps it can affect yours as well. Of course these days there is a lot of info out there about mindfulness and it can be hard to navigate as a beginner, which is why an experienced teacher can be useful. 

So why am I qualified to be your teacher? First, I am a CMA certified Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher. I earned this certification through Dr. Itai Ivtzan's evidence-based School of Positive Transformation. Dr. Ivtzan is a respected professor and researcher in the field of Positive Psychology as well as a vocal advocate for meditation and mindfulness for the improvement of society. I am well versed in a wide variety of meditation techniques and philosophies so that I can help you learn in the way that best works for you.


I currently teach an Introduction to Mindfulness class for the Bhavana Community of Coastal Carolina, a local Wilmington based non-profit. I offer group classes there from time to time that all are welcome to join. I also helped start the Bhavana Community's free weekly Drop-in Meditation where you can find me from frequently as one of the rotating hosts. I'm also a member of the organizing committee for the Wilmington Mindfulness Expo that Bhavana puts on every year, and I help plan other mindfulness events there.


In addition to my experience with mindfulness teaching, I am currently working towards my Master's in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology at the University of East London (distance learning). Positive Psychology is a more recent branch of the psychology field that focuses on not just fixing what's wrong with the human mind, but improving and building on what is good. It is a field that has turned out a lot of research on mindfulness and utilizes the practice frequently. Earning my Master's in this field has helped me to stay up to date on the most recent research, and it is constantly making me a better teacher.

I am trained to help you learn more about mindfulness no matter what level you feel you are at. Whether you're a novice, a skeptic, looking to recommit, or trying to deepen your existing practice, I can tailor our sessions to work for YOU. If you truly give it a chance, mindfulness will change your life, and I would be honored to help you take the first steps on that journey.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions (email is best at, and make sure to check out the range of services I offer starting with the Mindfulness 101 class below.





So why practice Mindfulness? What can it do for you?

This is both a simple and complicated question. It's easy to point to the science on mindfulness since there is now an extensive amount of research on its benefits, however the benefits we'll actually see in our lives depend on how we use the skills we develop. This will be different for each and every one of us, and has to do with what our goals and motivations are. So as you look through the following list of the benefits of mindfulness, spend a second or two thinking about what you are looking for in your life right now. Whether your goal is to decrease your stress levels, conquer your fears, or be a more present father/mother/husband/wife/ grandparent/sibling/friend/etc., mindfulness can help. And if you're feeling lost and don't know what your goals are, mindfulness can help with that too. At it's core, mindfulness is about seeing the world with newfound clarity, clarity that allows us to see how to make changes in our lives that lead to happiness and meaning.

The Science on Mindfulness:​

  • Significantly reduced levels of stress

  • Improved health & well-being

  • Better emotional regulation

  • Reduced chronic pain

  • Lowered blood pressure/better cardiovascular health

  • Enhanced immune system/ability to deal with illness

  • Reduced recovery time from injury

  • Increased ability to focus & problem solve

  • Improved cognitive function & memory

  • Measurable changes in the brain related to empathy and compassion

  • Ability to better cope with depression and addiction

  • Stronger, healthier relationships

  • Increased energy levels

  • Enhanced academic performance

  • Enhanced workplace performance

  • Enhanced athletic performance

Click here for even more information on the benefits of mindfulness.

  Clearly there's something to this whole mindfulness thing, so it's possible you now find yourself wondering, "How can I go about using mindfulness to make my life better?" Maybe you've tried to start a mindfulness or meditation practice already but you couldn't keep it going. Or perhaps you're like I used to be (skeptical) and you think that mindfulness is just for hippies and yogis, but now you're just a little bit curious since the science is seriously starting to show otherwise. No matter your background, once you really start learning how to use mindfulness in your life you will see the powerful yet subtle impacts in everything you do. As long as you are willing to try, it doesn't matter what type of personality or mindset you have. It is helpful, however, to have an experienced guide as you try to incorporate mindfulness into your life. That's where I come in. 

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